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Related post: Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 09:25:47 -0800 (PST) From: Author pedo boys pictures thumbnail James Subject: Return of a Real Dark Knight 47Disclaimer: This story is fiction. There are two celebrities who will appear from time-to-time. The other characters are fictitious. Any similarities to persons living or dead are girls porn pedophilia completely coincidental.In this story, I have continued the adventures of Batman, my Batman, which his story pedo young nude kids first began in "Tales of a Real Dark Knight" in the Boy Band section pedo russian underground girls of this archive. It spanned 250 chapters. You will find many universes merging, as the above copyrights reveal. pedo porn kindergarten I hope you all enjoy this.Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox.Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros.X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox.The Vampire Chronicles and all related characters created by Anne Rice. Copyright Anne O'Brien Rice.I don't know pedo pics search engine for sure if I will use all the above elements, but just in case, I have myself covered.I appreciate any feedback that you may want to give. I do hope that you enjoy it!!!Any emails you send, please tell me what chapter and story pedo penetrations you are commenting on. Thanks.authorjames2002yahoo.comI also have several online messenger services. If you want to chat with me in real time, email me and tell me the services you use and I will tell you my screen name.Chapter 47 Dad Joseph, Preston, and Sarah walked down a darkened hallway keeping their senses peeled for any signs of danger...and their father. pedo free child pics The hallway was dark and grimy as if it had not been used in years. The fact that one of the only two tenants was an undead being helped pedo ass pics explain the lack pedophile free foto of life, young girl sex pedo no pun intended. "How long have you lived here?" Sarah quietly asked. "For a few months. Dad wanted to come here so that I could take revenge on mom's killer. What he neglected to pedo sites shy tell me was that he was mom's killer. Now the kidnapper who took you two from me is downstairs suffering for it." "Don't you have any regrets for list of pedo galleries what happened to dad?" "He got turned into a vampire. I wish that agel vids xxx pedo hadn't happened." "He what?!" Sarah exclaimed. "Got turned into a vam..." Joseph realized who Preston referred to. "Oh, him. He took you both from me. I don't regret where he is now. I believe justice should be served, though. He should serve banned pedo some time for breaking up this family." "He illegalpedo site didn't break up this family," Sarah stated. pedo et sex He videos porno pedofilos gratis saved us from..." "From what?" Joseph became angered. "Living with me?" "From being raised by a demon. I'm sure he didn't intentionally leave you behind. If pedo porn under 12 he had known that you were one of list pedo sites mom's children, he would have taken you in, as well." "I'm sure pop and dad would be willing to take you in," Preston reassured. "I mean, where will you go after this is over?" "I don't know," Joseph whispered. "I never got beyond finding my mother's killer and exacting vengeance on him." "You're with us," Sarah said. "That's all that matters now. We can be 12yo pedo girls complete like we once were." "We'll see." Joseph stopped them at pedo boy young pictures the end of the hallway. pedophile teen pics "Put on your game faces. It's show time." The door to the room in which my cell was placed creaked open. I could barely see as my eyes had swollen shut from the beating Catman gave me after Joseph left me. The vampire was doing this to humiliate me. For whatever twisted reason, he felt the need to illegal pedo boys dominate me. This "need" was purged by the rape and beatings. Something moved inside the room and approached me. I tensed up waiting for another physical attack. You would think I would have used my powers to get out but they pedofilia gratis weren't working at all. No forum pedo boys matter how hard I tried, nothing would happen. "Eric," a familiar voice whispered. Then I felt a warm hand on my face. "Oh, God, Eric, look at you." "Lance?" I muttered. His lips gently met mine. I knew I could relax. I was safe. "Lance," I muttered again with an added sob. "We're here to get you out." "Who else is here?" "The kids. They are going to face Catman." "But..." "Don't worry about them. The team is here. They aren't alone." The door creaked open again. "Lance, run. It's him. He's here." "Someone is here, but it isn't him," a voice from long ago said. A match was lit and pedo bics little boys used pedo anal girls to light several candles. The flames illuminated the person's face enough to know who it was. "Christine," Lance whispered. "What?" I gasped. "She's a vampire, though. porn free pedo Catman turned her into a vampire." "You've done a wonderful job with my children," Christine said as she stepped inside. "They are strong and sure of their self. They have a good foundation. My husband and I can take over now." "They aren't yours," Lance said. "You're dead." "Undead, actually. You would not believe how liberated I feel. I am stronger than I ever was. I kids fuck pedo 12 have power. I don't want for anything. asia pedo pics If I'm hungry, I..." "Kill whoever happens to be nearby," I answered. "Christine, this isn't you. You never would have drawing cartoon pedofilia sex harmed anyone in your life. It's the demon talking." "Remember, Eric," Lance said. "Her soul is gone. It's only a demon now." "I'm in no condition to fight her," I said. "It's up to you." Lance stood up to face the vampire, formerly the mother of his and Eric's children. "Father," Joseph called as he entered the large chamber. "Here, my son." The loplitas pedo galeries three children moved into the light. "I see you've brought your brother and sister." "They wanted to ukraine pedo video meet you," he replied. "Ah, yes. I've been speaking with Sarah in her dreams. You are a fascinating romple pedo kds girl." Catman stood from the chair in which he sat and approached his three children. "But Preston was difficult to communicate with. Something about his mind prevents my telepathy." Sniffing his son, he said, "I smell fear. Why are russian pedo club you pedo anal pics afraid?" "I know what you are," Preston answered. "Of course you are, my son. Sarah was exposed to vampires since learning of children sex pedo her Slayer heritage. Joseph has been exposed to creatures of the night ever since his mother was murdered before his eyes. like pedo But you haven't had any exposure to pedo legal videos of 13 yo pedo us. You have nothing to fear, though. I would never harm you. I am your father." Preston reached inside his inner pocket. free pedo boy porn "No, you're not. I have two fathers: Eric McCoy and Lance Bass. You're nothing to me." Pulling his hand out, Preston hurled a bottle of holy water on the vampire's face. It crackled and burned as smoke rose up from it. "Ah!" Catman replied. He made a lunge toward Preston, but Sarah grabbed him by the collar and spun him around tossing him into a pillar. His back slammed against the concrete. Sarah brought her naked teen pedo fist to his face, but he ducked and rolled away from her attack. "What is this trickery?" Lance ducked as Christine grabbed at his throat. He brought his fist up full force and connected with her chin knocking her head backward and causing her to stumble. "Be careful," I called out. "They are much stronger than people." "I was trained by the best." Lance looked back and smiled. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out a stake. Then he jumped at her trying to stake her. Christine was ready, though. She grabbed his wrist pedoworld child sex pics and spun him around, back against the wall. Then she pressed up against him and ground her body against his. "Do you like how this feels?" she asked. "Do you?" "Get off me!" "I think you do." One of her hands held his wrist against the wall so that the stake was immobilized. school uniform pedo story Her other hand, however, caressed pedo mag pics his chest and ripped his shirt open exposing his chest. "I always had a pedo nonude pics crush pedo korean pics on you," she whispered as her tongue caressed his flesh. "I couldn't believe you sucked cock. It broke my heart." Her hand moved down to the front of his jeans and she caressed his dick through the material. "Yeah, you're enjoying illegal pedo files this." "Just because my body has a reaction doesn't mean my heart is pedophile galleries in it. Sex doesn't equal love. Believe me, I know." "It pedo xxx doesn't matter. Stimulation is stimulation." Christine used her free hand to unzip Lance's pants. She reached inside and pulled out his semi-hard cock. Licking her lips, she wrapped them around his flesh. Lance moved his free hand up to the pinned hand and grabbed the wooden stake from young porn pedo picture it. Then, as quickly as he could, he jabbed it into her back. Christine screamed out and threw herself backwards away from him, her hands desperately reaching for the piece of wood. "Son of a bitch!" she screamed. "That hurts." "I guess I missed the heart," Lance muttered as he put his dick back inside his pants. "I can always try again." Christine screamed and leapt at him. He reached over and grabbed an unlit torch which he then held over the flame of a nearby candle. The end of the torch ignited. He swung it around and hit Christine in the face. pedosex pic hard free pedo galleries The impact, along with the help from the flames, sent her stumbling into the wall. "You bastard!" the vampire screamed. "I'm going to kill you!" "I've heard that threat before," Lance stated. Christine reached behind her attempting to pull the stake out but still could not reach it. "You used to be someone special," Lance said as he stepped toward her. "You had three beautiful children who depended on you, who adored you. And you cared for them like no other person. But you died. You died a long time ago. And as you died, one of your friends made child bikini pedo a promise to you, a promise that he would take care of your children. free sex pedo video They would want for nothing, isn't that right, Eric?" "Yeah," I said nodding. "I saw what happened. A friend of ours enabled me to witness pedo illegal porn your last breath in this world, in that body. And what I saw isn't what I see before me now. Yes, you are strong. Yes, porno pedo download you are liberated from this world because you are no longer of this world. You sex extreme pedo are a demon inhabiting the body of a young woman who died long ago. You are pedo snuff in the body of the person your `husband' murdered." With each word, spanking pedo story pedofilia boy video each sentence, Lance stepped closer and closer to the vampire. pedo arina dreams His eyes, so entrancing, engaged her eyes. "But that isn't him, either. His body is animated pedoworld freepics by a demon. His soul is gone, just as yours is. All that inhabits you is a demon wearing the face of pedo pantyhose art their mother. If the children were to see you, their boys pedo love lives would be destroyed. Our job as parents is to ensure their happiness and safety. They come first. They are our priority. And because of that, I cannot allow you to exist." "Brave words coming from a pedophile toplist mere human. Do you really think you can kill me?" "I pedo toons already have." Christine wondered what was going on. The she felt the heat and the young pedo hairy mature flames lapping at the hem of her skirt. Looking down, she discovered her dress on fire. "No!" she exclaimed as she ran for the door. Lance reached out and grabbed the pedo child fuck stake from her very young pedo boys back kids pedo galleries as she went past. She got russian pedo teens to the door and dropped, rolling to put the flames out. Once out, she stood. "Christine," pedo link gallery Lance said. "You dropped something." The vampire turned around and Lance hurled the stake. It landed squarely in her chest nude pedo young free and penetrated her heart. She let out a scream, a bone-chilling, blood-curdling scream that was more demon than human, which faded as her body turned to dust. Lance knelt in front of me and searched the chains to figure out how to pedo girl yo open them. "You can't use your 12 pedo pictures powers?" he asked. "I haven't been able to use them much at all," I answered. His virgin pedo child free face took on the visage of being puzzled as he examined the chains further. "I'll figure something out." "No trickery," Sarah replied as she swung her leg at the face of Catman. He caught it and twisted it, causing her to tumble to the side. Preston came up and swung his stories free pedo foot at Catman connecting with the vampire's face. "This is for mom." pedo suckers He attempted to kick Catman in the face again, but Catman caught his foot and stood up lifting the youth off the ground. He flipped Preston africa pedo pics in the air and Preston landed on his feet. "This is for truth," Sarah replied as she kicked Catman in the face causing video pedofilia him to stumble pedo non nude backwards into sex porno pedo the pillar Preston first hit. Preston tossed the rope to Sarah and the two ran at Catman pinning him to the pillar. They ran around him tying him to the concrete post. Joseph approached Catman and looked at pedo tranny him. "We know you killed mom," the eldest child stated. "You lied to me, made me hunt the wrong man." "But you know what you saw." "I know what I thought I saw. You purposely deceived me. I've hated this man for more than he should be hated. I hunted him because I thought he killed mom. He was the wrong murderer. No, dad, this isn't trickery, not like you. This pedo galery pedo pussi is for justice." Joseph brought up 12yr girl pedo board the nn young pedo stake and shoved it into his father's chest. The three watched as the man who fathered them. No, not the man who fathered them, the possessed body of the man who fathered them disintegrated before their eyes. The rope now no longer held the creature but fell to the floor. Sarah looked over at her older brother, the one who had been raised by the creature illegall pedo sex whom he just slain, and she rested her hand on his shoulder. She could tell he was trying to hold back the tears. "I know your world has been turned upside down yet again, Joseph. But let us, your younger brother and sister, take care of you now. Let us help stabilize your life again." He looked over preten pedo pedo free girls sexy at her and teens pedo free smiled. "I love you, sis. I've never stopped loving either of you." He put his hands on their shoulders. "Let's go help your dad." The three siblings turned and left the room. "I can't get these russian pedo gay damn chains off!" porn pedo pics Lance exclaimed as he pulled on the links near the loop on the wall. The door flew open and the kids entered. "Daddy!" Sarah said. "Dad!" Preston exclaimed. Joseph stood back and watched as his brother and sister ran to this man whom he had hated most of his life. `They really do love and care about him.' "Look what happened to you," Preston stated as he knelt down and looked at my face. "He beat you!" "You don't have to worry about him any more," ilegal porno pedo russia Sarah comforted. Then she looked over at Lance. "What are you pedo file sex doing?" "I can't find a way to get these chains off him." Sarah grabbed the bands around my wrist and pulled the chain links off the bands freeing me. "That works," Lance said. He grabbed my arm and placed it porn pedo cp links over his neck. "On the count of three." Preston grabbed my other arm and placed it around his neck, too. "One...two...three." The two blondes lifted me up pedo childrens movies and balanced me. The five of use made our way out of the dungeon.To Be Continued...What do you think of this chapter? 13 yo teens pedo Thoughts, comments, reactions, and questions are all welcome.
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